MAY 3-31


'The Functional Canvas IV'

Cahrlie Cummings Gallery, Gainesville, FL (US)





Look for hope in Florida" & Florida Heat Surface

This work year really started off with a bang! ...In FLORIDA where I attended the Florida Heat Surface for the first time. It is an intimate workshop held at the Morean Center for Clay, with a row of great presenters that share their knowledge and ideas about their processes and techniques. The focus for this years event was 'surface decorating techniques' something that is always on my mind. I had a really great time and met so many new fantastic people, both professionally an as new friends :) It was really a lot to take in and after having been completely infused and marinated with new ideas, new knowledge and great conversations for four whole days, I needed some time to decompress. I was very lucky to be able to spend a couple of days in the Tampa area with a friend, before heading back home to the cold Scandinavia. Cuban coffee in the shade on the streets of Ybor City was very much appreciated! 

I also had the time to explore the area around Tampa and St.Peterburg where I found a good place to leave a little message of HOPE behind. This little street tile project is growing and I have now almost made it a habit to pack at least a couple of tiles to bring on my travels. You never know when the right spot or time to leave a little message comes along!

Back home I am currantly busy as a bee to prepare for all upcoming exhibitions and events as well as writing a couple of applcations. Stay tuned!


the end.




Cup - The Intimate Object XIV


Humble to have recieved a personal invitation for the show Cup - The Intimate Object XIV over at Charlie Cummings Gallery in the US. In conjunction with the exhibition, one of my cups was selected for a special shout out in social media. Thank you for your kind words! And thank you for the pick Stephanie Basse. 


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